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Mission & Overview

BeTa Community Programs provides families and individuals of all ages the opportunity to participate in educational and social enrichment programs.  We create growth and enhancement opportunities for our community by developing an array of diverse and affordable programs that promote social connection, strengthening abilities and learning new skills.  We are a resource for current and aspiring local instructors to share knowledge, expand their business and teach what they are passionate about.

BeTa provides an opportunity for social connections to share and enjoy time with other members of the community with similar interests.  We partner with local businesses and instructors to develop enrichment programs, activities and events.  Administrative needs such as class registration and rosters, payments and collections, student communication, marketing and advertising can be handled by BeTa for each client.  This allows instructors to focus on developing the best course curriculums and classes.  We want everyone at BeTa to be able to follow their passions and enjoy doing what they love.

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About Us

We are Celebrating!  

Tammy Haarman and Rebecca Carulli have fun no matter what they are doing!  They are the creative and innovative minds behind BeTa.  Tammy and Rebecca have a combined 12 years’ experience managing multiple PTA programs for students in the Saratoga Springs City School District. They have years of hands-on experience working with children (including their own), teens and seniors. They have developed relationships with business owners throughout the community who can provide professional and educational experiences for program participants.  They are educated, tech savvy and always find a way to MAKE IT HAPPEN!  You will often see them developing new classes and teaching students right along with other instructors which is one of their favorite things to do! 

Whether you’re looking for enrichment programs at your location, recreational activities or someone to help bring your business to the next level, Tammy and Rebecca are a ready to listen and work with you!

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"It's truly a remarkable thing when you can use your expertise and your passion, combined with a wonderful friendship to create a business that will not only enrich your life but also support our community."

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When my son started the "Book Club with a Twist" class, I was worried he would struggle as he never really liked to write in school. He was hesitant the first couple times but as soon as the staff helped pair him with another student who also liked Pokemon his world came alive! He absolutely loved going to the before school class and had a great time writing MANY pokemon adventures with his new friend. I will forever be grateful for this program for showing my son that writing can be so much FUN and it isn't always challenging!! We can't wait for the next session at Ballard!

Kelly Powers, School Nurse and Parent at Ballard Elementary School, South Glens Falls School District

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“As PTA presidents, Tammy and Becky designed useful, worthwhile, and well organized programming for my children. They maintained excellent communication and were thorough in every event they put together. I was continually impressed by their creativity and foresight into making programming available to a wide range of children in order to address their unique needs, interests, and talent. They are always a pleasure to work with!”

Bridgette Gallagher, SSCSD High School English Department Chair and Teacher, MST in Curriculum and Instruction, CAS in Educational Administration, Community Volunteer and Parent

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Finally, an activity that my son truly loves and requests to do and doesn’t just tolerate. A win for everyone, especially him!!!

Lake Avenue Parent, before school Lego class

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“With Becky and Tammy as PTA presidents our PTA flourished. There were so many fun and exciting programs that were accessible to all. With Covid putting limitations on many events they found ways to have events and fundraising while keeping everyone safe.  They reinvented the wheel and gave families events and experiences to look forward to! Their commitment to making Lake Avenue a better school for all was apparent.  They would see an obstacle and then brainstorm until a thought out plan was established and then implemented. When it comes to getting the job done this dynamic duo rises to the occasion of being creative, thoughtful, organized and inclusive.”

Jill Hancock, LCSW, Community Volunteer and Parent

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