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School Parent Groups

The PTA, HSA, PA, PTO - Whatever alphabet soup your School Parent Group is called doesn't really matter. BeTa is your partner in bringing needed programs to your school.

We collaborate with schools and parent groups to bring a customized slate of programming to your school. Classes can be held before the school day and directly after school on any day of the week.


  • Check out the list below for types of classes we currently offer. If it's not on the list, don't worry! We have a broad network of talented partners and are sure we can coordinate whatever you can dream up!

  • Diverse programming customized to your needs and interests.

  • Kids love our instructors and programs!

Help is on the way for your PTA!

  • Parent groups are always looking for volunteers! This is one way you can check one item off your to-do list. By outsourcing programming coordination parent associations are able to offer more options to their students and families.


  • It's harder than ever to find quality before and after school childcare. Our classes can fill that gap during the hours between when you need to work and the kids are in school.

    • Consistent, flexible and affordable

    • Parents choose days, times and classes

    • Sessions typically 5-8 weeks duration

School/PTA Income

  • Programs can be run as fundraiser through the PTA and a percentage of proceeds go back to the school as a donation.

  • Teachers and school staff have opportunity to be instructors!

Fitness Classes & Sports

Fit and Fun, Kids Yoga & Mindfulness, Tae Kwon Do, Dodgeball, Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse

Foreign Language

Spanish, French, American Sign Language

Dance & Theatre

Hip Hop, Song& Dance, Swing & Salsa, Irish Step, Theatre (acting/singing/dancing), Audition Preparation, Senior Movement, Line Dancing, Ballroom

STEAM & Enrichment

Lego, Engineering, Science, Chess, Photography, Art, Music, Book Club, Makerspace, Crafts, Cooking, Cake/Cookie Decorating, Knitting


Environmental Science, Gardening, Outdoor Adventure, Flower Arranging, Landscaping

Study Groups

Music group lessons or practice, homework club, SAT Prep

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