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What does BeTa mean?

Well, a combination of our co-founders names, Becky and Tammy of course! But, there is more...


BeTa is the term often used for "testing" something out. Software companies run beta tests on their products. You, as a part of BeTa. get to trial run something that you are interested in. We offer a variety of programs and it's easy to try them out. Connect with your community and meet new friends through one of our classes. Kids especially can dip their toes in and explore new interests for a few weeks and decide if it's right for them. Do you have a hobby or talent you want to share and didn't know how to start? We can help. You never know what your next passion will be!


Yes, being an alpha can be good at times, but everyone needs a Beta in their life. Betas are a support system. They’re relationship-focused, support others, make great friends and are nurturing. BeTa is here to support you however you need it. We are the behind the scenes doers who coordinate it all and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Examples of how BeTa can support you....


Are you a small local instructor that wants to expand or just someone that has a special talent? BeTa can find opportunities for you and bring you into our Winner's Circle. We know many artists love following their passion but maybe not the day-to-day scheduling that goes with it. We can handle setting up your classes, creating a registration platform, collect payments and advertise/market your talent.


BeTa partners with local schools and parent associations to offer before and after school enrichment programs held directly at the school. The parent association receives a percentage of class registration fees to help support the student and teacher community. In addition, parents struggling to manage childcare appreciate the opportunity for extending the school day with quality enrichment options. And most importantly, kids love our instructors and classes!

BeTa Community Programs

Creating Opportunities to Grow


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